Happy Endings!

  • Feral Cats:
    • 400-500 trapped annually – Healthy feral cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and returned to their original colonies (TNvR).  These colonies are typically managed and cared for by local residents.  New unaltered animals are reported for TNvR.
  • Foster/Adopt:
    • In general, our group helps foster/adopt about 40-50 cats/kittens annually.  Due to limited capacity, these animals are typically those that we come across through the process of TNvR.  We do assist, as we are able, with other tragic situations as well.
  • Cat Colonies around Galt: 
    • Through volunteers, many feral cats are living a good life due to daily feeding and care.

Rescue Updates

  • Wiley:
    • This kitten was rescued from an open field near a dairy, nursed back to health for 12 weeks. and kept as family pet.
  • Frankie:
    • This little pup, found on the streets of Galt, was in bad shape. He was groomed, nursed back to health, and is now happily living with his new canine sister and brother along with 5 cats.
  • Alitair: 
    • This local kitten was found with a damaged eye.  We assisted with veterinary care and now this kitten is living out its life in its forever home.
  • Bon Jovi:
    • This dog was discovered crying with its leg caught in a fence.  It received extensive vet care, including amputation of its toes, and is on the mend at a rural home with other dogs.
  • Winston and Oliver: 
    • Winston and Oliver – Sadly, these sweet boys found themselves with an owner who just couldn’t care for herself, let alone them.  Owner was hospitalized, and cats were left to fend for themselves with cans of food tossed in vacated living space.  One of our volunteers extracted them, fostered them, and they are now living the good life with families who love them.
  • Motel Cats: 
    • Teddward, Wralphie, Lily, Rose, Mickey, and Gus – These animals were being kept in a small cage in a residential hotel.  Upon the owner’s passing, family reached out for assistance vetting and placing these animals in good homes.  One by one, these animals have found loving families who will provide them with the lives they deserve.

As you can see, many of our projects work to keep animals out of already crowded shelters, thus helping reduce euthanasia rates and demand on the local shelters.