Our Story

Our story began with many animal lovers working independently assisting animals in need. This work included assisting with TNvR of community cats, raising funds for veterinary care and food needs, and assisting with care of companion animals while rehoming as necessary. We came to realize that by pooling our resources and ideas, we could have an even greater positive impact on animals in our community. A
non-profit 501(c)(3) was formed November 3, 2016 to enable tax deductible donations to assist with these efforts. While our team has changed over the years, we have a solid group of volunteers and animal advocates that work very well together in achieving a common goal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and provide resources and program information to advocate for the humane treatment of community cats and companion animals. We also strive to reduce the number of community cats and homeless animals by advocating for spay and neuter, promoting responsible colony management including TNvR, and by sheltering and placing adoptable cats/kittens in our foster and adopt program as space permits. It is our belief that through these practices, the burden on municipal shelters can be lessened, and thus the euthansia rates of companion animals can be reduced.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a community where people can live peacefully alongside community cats and every companion animal has a loving home. We see a future where all animals are maintained in healthy conditions, and animal companions are appropriately placed in forever homes. We envision a future where pet overpopulation and animal cruelty no longer exist.

Purrfectly Pawsible

Our Core Values

TNvR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) greatly improves the quality of life for community cats and the people who live around them.

Companion animals should be appropriately placed with their human companions in order to better ensure life-long placements.

Companion animals improve the health and welfare of their human companions and the community.

Animals and people deserve respect and compassion.

Euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals is unnecessary and preventable.

Access to low-cost spay and neuter resources is necessary in order to reduce pet overpopulation.

Humane education in the community is a cornerstone to achieving support and kind treatment of all animals.