About Us

President – Marylou Powers

Marylou is the former Mayor of Galt and a long-time animal advocate.

Vice President – Suzanne Stebbins

I have been a lifelong animal rescuer and advocate.  I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t binging home lost and injured animals, to help them.  I live on a ranch in Galt, with many rescued animals.  Cats that can’t be placed, often live their lives out on my property.  As to date I have about 30 cats, 3 dogs and a mini pig.

I started to TNR (trap, neuter, release) with Gayleen about four years ago. She stepped up to help me with a feral colony I had discovered.  That colony, we call Jurassic, is a huge success story.  There were over 40 cats there when we started, there are now only about five.  I feed the colony, to keep my eye on it.

Secretary – Gayleen Gomez

I have been actively involved in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in Galt and the surrounding area for the past 5 years, and I’m committed to improving the lives of community cats AND the people who live around them.  Furthermore, I am a huge advocate for spay and neuter and am dedicated to helping people find low cost resources for their pets. I’m a local educator who believes in teaching children to respect all critters and an advocate of responsible pet ownership.

Board Member – Melly Strand

Experience as a volunteer and donor with Sacramento SPCA for over 25 years (special events, feline adoption, acquiring donor items), exposure to the area animal shelters and rescues, Master of Science in Zoology including animal anatomy and behavior, cat-lover since childhood. Areas of interest are community outreach for assisting with animal problems and education, fundraising through acquisition of donated items, animal transport and acquiring vet care, back-up treasurer, floater for last minute assistance.

Board Member – Gale Webber

Gale is a community volunteer involved in many local non-profit organizations.

Treasurer – Kim Jones